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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many students can fit in one science show?

The Tournament of Science™ can accommodate up to 400 students. Beyond this number, students are too far away to see the amazing chemistry and our sound system may not be loud enough.

What are the space requirements?

Minimum is 16 ft wide by 8 ft deep. We prefer a room with high ceilings such as a school gymnasium, but this is not required. Please notify in advance if your show is outside.

How does booking and payment work?

To schedule a science program, please submit a request on the Booking Page or email Contact [at] BrainMogul [dot] com. We will ask you sign a simple agreement to reserve the date. No payment is due until showtime!

What grades can participate in the show?

For practical reasons, on-stage competitors must be in 2nd grade or higher, however the Tournament of Science™ is for the enjoyment and education of all student in grades K-8. Everyone loves fizzing, flying, and color changing science!

What topics does the show cover?

Every year we add new experiments and competitions to our show. The current edition is called the “Polymer edition” and it includes the following topics: Static Electricity, Charges, Polymers, Food Chemistry, Gravity, Laws of Motion, Gases, Carbon Dioxide, Engineering, Flight, Light Spectrum, Energy, Florescence, and Brain Science Facts.

What does the school need to provide?

We travel with our own sound system, microphones, and all the science equipment. Please have your school provide two (2) six-foot tables and access to tap water (sink). That’s it!

Is there a money back guarantee?

If the principal and teachers though it was not worth the money, your show is free. We take pride in providing quality shows and we are not happy until you are beyond satisfied.

Is the focus on education or entertainment?

Both equally! By entertaining with a purpose, we get kids in grades K-4 excited about science and spark their natural curiosity in a memorable way. Grades 5-8 will learn basic scientific principles in physics & chemistry.

Are the experiments safe?

All materials are safe, non-toxic, and we are fully insured. Volunteers wear non-latex gloves and protective goggles just to set an example.

Are there discounts for booking with another venue?

If you book with another school within 30 miles on the same day, we can offer $75 off each of your shows. Both schools must complete booking within seven days of each other to qualify.